A modern rubber roof will outperform other types of roofing by a long way. Membranes like EPDM are making traditional felt roofing look like a thing of the past. Permaroof Portsmouth turns to Firestone RubberCover EPDM rubber roof systems to ensure our customers get the best long-term value as possible.

EPDM rubber roofing has an expected lifespan of more than 50 years once correctly installed and offers 100% waterproofing across the entire lifetime. It is fire and UV-resistant and is a great option for roofs with high water run-off.

Longevity and performance of other roofing materials

Slates and concrete have the longest life expectancy (up to 100 years) but are also the heaviest option, and it may not be possible to create your desired design without a high cost. Slates are notorious for being broken or even blown off in extremely high winds, so the long-term costs can be expensive.

Metal is less expensive than slate but has a shorter life span, with an estimate of 40-60 years. Metal roofs can be prone to punctures, tears and pooling of water, plus they can be unsuitable for some building types. You wouldn’t want to create a sauna effect in your home office during summer!

Asphalt shingles present a more stylish option than concrete or metal but have the shortest life expectancy at around 20 years. They are not suitable for areas with high water run-off or risk of moss, as this can cause the shingles to break off.

A traditional felt roof is the cheapest option but also carries the lowest life span. There is a higher risk of leaking, tears and pooling of water with a felt roof.

How can I maximise the life of my EPDM rubber flat roof?

Buy a quality product

Whilst it might be tempting to save money in the short term, buying a good quality, genuine Firestone EPDM membrane for your roof will ensure it lasts an age.

Have your rubber roof professionally installed

Making sure your EPDM membrane is applied correctly is critical to maximise the lifetime performance. A professional installer makes sure the flat roof is correctly prepared, the membrane properly and seamlessly adhered, and the installation sealed to be watertight. Ensure your chosen rubber roof installer is trained, experienced and offers an insurance-backed guarantee.

Correct preparation

When discussing your roofing requirements with your EPDM installer, ensure you understand what is required to adequately prepare the area. An EPDM rubber flat roof can be overlaid on other roofing types as long as they are in good condition and prepared correctly.

As with any major purchase for the exterior of your home, when choosing a flat roof material there are several factors to consider. Getting the right balance of longevity, cost and practicality is important to help avoid any costly mistakes.

With an EPDM rubber roof, you have the peace of mind that the installation is expected to last for around 50 years and increases the likelihood of never worrying about replacing your roofing materials again.

How Permaroof Portsmouth can help you

Permaroof Portsmouth is your local roofing contractor, offering a range of flat roof services including replacement roofing, EPDM membrane, emergency roof repairs and liquid roofing. We can install all fittings, drains and skylights too. Whether you are looking for flat roofing help with extensions, porch roofs, sheds or garages, talk to us to arrange your free, no-obligation survey and quote.