The garden shed is often overlooked when homeowners get their gardens ready for winter. Often there are important garden tools stored in the shed, in addition to garden furniture and more. Keeping these items dry and clean over winter is a big consideration, and the shed roof should be checked before the winter months take over to make sure it is up to the job.

If you have had traditional felt roofing on your shed for a few years, which is often the standard on most shed roofs, it does not perform well, especially if it has withstood a hot summer. During long hot spells, old felt roofing is prone to bubbling, which then leads inevitably to cracks and leaking. Check your shed thoroughly for these tell-tale signs and examine the inside for any obvious mould or damp.

What is the best material for shed roofing?

The latest EPDM membranes give a longevity to shed roofing that has not been seen before in traditional materials. With a life expectancy of more than 50 years, replacing the shed roof with EPDM could mean that it will be the last you ever do.

It isn’t just longevity that EPDM roofing delivers. Once professionally installed, EPDM membrane has a high-performance record to match, offering 100% waterproofing over the life expectancy. This means that it also gives much greater cost vs. value than other systems during its lifetime and brings peace of mind for the long term.

Today, homeowners are doing more with their sheds in Portsmouth. With garden office conversions come even more reasons to use a high-quality membrane to seal and protect your sheds and the goods inside. We have also seen a surge in demand for green roofing in Portsmouth and this type of system demands a fail-proof base layer as a prerequisite to avoid costly mistakes.

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