Recent Project: EPDM Balconies and Decking

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Installation of EPDM Balconies Before, during and after pictures of 2 balconies ripped up and reboarded and new EPDM rubber. Decking replaced all done within a week. All jobs come with a 20 year guarantee happy to say another satisfied customer. To request a quotation please contact us via phone or email. [...]

Roofing Finance Now Available at Permaroof Portsmouth

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Permaroof Portsmouth is happy to announce that we are now offering our customers the chance to take advantage of a range of great roofing finance deals designed to help spread the cost of paying for your EPDM roof replacement or repairs. Your local, specialist flat roofing installer, Permaroof Portsmouth can replace your worn old roofing [...]

Free GutterBrush with Every Flat Roof Install in August

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Permaroof Portsmouth has a summer special offer in mind for our customers during the whole of August, to help prepare for the seasonal issue of autumn blocked guttering. We’re offering a free GutterBrush with every EPDM roofing job we do, and we can’t wait for you to get your hands on yours. The summer is [...]

Permaroof Portsmouth Roofer Van Gets a Makeover

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The Permaroof Portsmouth roofer van has had a makeover to showcase their relationship with PermaroofUK - the UK's leading flat roofing supplier. Experienced roofers, Permaroof Portsmouth have over 25 years experience and are proud to showcase their new relationship by having their van fully sign written with their new Permaroof branding. Offering a range of [...]

Permaroof Portsmouth Roofers Offer Local Roofing Services

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Permaroof Portsmouth Roofers Offer New, Local Roofing Services Working with local homeowners to provide top-class flat roofing, facias, soffits and much more Your local Portsmouth roofing contractor, Lazco Roofing is delighted to announce that its new arm, Permaroof Portsmouth it is now up-and-running and ready to bring our clients even more flat roofing services. Having [...]

Permaroof 500 liquid roof system now available

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Permaroof 500 liquid roof system, has now been introduced as an alternative flat roof solution. This system is more suited where there are lots of detail on the roof or a more grey finish is required for aesthetics. It gives a 20 year guarantee, and is available only through all our licensed contractors.

Permaroof trim available in anthracite grey

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The Permaroof trim is now available in anthracite grey due to growing demand. We have seen a large increase in anthracite grey windows and fascia hitting the market so we decided our trim system should follow suit.

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Velux Range now available from Permaroof

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We are now official stockists of the Velux range of roof lights and sky lights. A digital version of the Velux catalogue is being added to our online shop soon. Anything that is in the catalogue can be ordered through us a very attractive prices and can be delivered within a couple of days for [...]

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Permaroof launch roofing app

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Permaroof launch their new app to assist our roofing network. It will feature all of the training videos and guides, along with our product catalogue, displaying every single item being sold through the company. It also enables head office to communicate urgent messages to the installers keeping them right up to date. More features are [...]

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Firestone Rubbercover epdm roof finishing options

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There are now a range of options to finish your new Firestone Rubbercover epdm roof. We offer artificial grass that gives the roof a realistic looking finish, especially if used as a roof top garden or balcony. We also have a range pf epdm rubber walkway pads in a range of colours, that have become [...]

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