As autumn approaches, now is the ideal time to think about making sure your flat roof is in good condition for the coming months. During the winter, the UK weather patterns fluctuate, and temperatures drop. This can expose any flaws in the roofing materials and lead to leaks which need emergency roof repairs.

When searing temperatures bear down on some types of flat roofing over the summer, it can cause the surface covering to degrade. Make sure you inspect your flat roof regularly to avoid leaks wherever possible.

Permaroof Portsmouth carries out a high number of flat roof repairs over the autumn and winter months. Although there are many reasons that flat roofing fails, there are some signs you can look out for to help prevent a failure or catch an issue before it becomes a real problem.

One of the best ways to check your flat roof for signs of potential vulnerability is from an upstairs window. Give the roof a visual once-over and then check the roofing from the inside of the building for further signs.

What to look for on the flat roof?

On felt roofing, and some types of single-ply membrane, damage can appear as bubbles in the surface. This typically occurs following periods of very hot weather. The bubbles can then dry out over days, which leads to a thinning of the material and inevitable cracks appear.

Once the roof covering is compromised, it isn’t long before water gets in. Once freezing temperatures arrive, freezing water expands and can damage wooden roof decks and joists.

Ponding water on the surface of a flat roof is also a sign of compromised integrity somewhere within the roof. It is most commonly roofing material, but sometimes ponding can suggest that the roof deck may be damaged.

From inside the building, a visual check of the ceiling or roof will reveal any damp patches, mould or mildew that can signal a leak. This can sometimes be accompanied by a damp, musty smell. Look after your flat roof and make sure you inspect it regularly to keep those leaks away.

Checking gutters

Checking that gutters are clear is an important inspection to do before the autumn months approach. Clogged gutters are one of the most common causes of damage in domestic outbuildings. If you can prevent the autumn leaves from clogging your gutters, now is the time to do it. Talk to Permaroof Portsmouth about how we help to protect our customers from the damage caused by clogged gutters.

What if I find damage to the flat roof?

If you come across torn, cracked or roofing with bubbles, then it is time to do something straightaway before it begins causing damage to the integrity of your flat roofing. If left, flat roofing can quickly become damaged, and a leaking roof will warrant an emergency call out to put right. This is a not cost effective approach.

If you suspect your roofing is compromised, let us come and give you a no-obligation survey. We carry out high quality flat roof repairs in Portsmouth and the surrounding areas or can help future-proof your flat roofing with a long-lasting EPDM system.