As many more of us are considering climate change, and what we can do on a small scale to help combat the serious effects of it, why not think about green roofing at home this spring?

Everyone can ‘do their bit’ to help the environment, and what better place to start than at home on your domestic projects. Green roofing is not only environmentally friendly, but installations can look amazing, attracting bees and other wildlife into a new garden space, and providing a bit of nature to energise a space that could otherwise simply be a dull flat roof.

What is green roofing?

Green roofing involves a system of layering membrane, ballast and drainage on the surface of a flat roof deck. Planting occurs in the final, top layer and usually consists of succulent plants such as sedum, mosses, grasses and other shallow-root ground cover plants.

The results can be aesthetically beautiful, in addition to providing a natural wildlife habitat, while supporting water harvesting and environmental initiatives.

What you need to know about installing a green roof

It is vital that the current, existing roof deck is strong enough and in good enough condition to hold the additional weight of a green roof. It is wise to bring in a professional in this area to check the viability of your flat roof before you begin.

Using a good-quality membrane and insulation layers is critical to avoid instances of membrane damage, which could then lead to water ingress. A leaking green roof will be complex and expensive to repair, as it will involve stripping back all the layers to get to the membrane.

Once installed correctly, a green roofing installation will require very little or no maintenance. This is why it is so important to make sure all steps are carried out properly and good quality materials are used.

Why is EPDM perfect for green roofing?

EPDM rubber roofing offers the perfect medium for the critical base waterproofing layer. It has an unmatched life expectancy of more than 50 years and delivers in performance over its lifespan if correctly prepared and installed. Some of the most vulnerable points on a flat roof membrane include the joins and where there are extrusions on the roof. EPDM is typically laid in a single sheet on most flat roof projects, which removes the need for joins. It is also provides a complete seal around extrusions such as skylights and flue pipes.

Once the base layer is installed, it needs to be protected from the sharp gravel of the drainage layers as other types of membrane do, using the insulation layer as normal in the green roof.

How we can help you with green roofing in Portsmouth

Permaroof Portsmouth is helping local residents across the area with a highly reliable base EPDM waterproofing layer for your green roofing projects. Let us help you – talk to us to book your free roofing survey and quote with no obligation and no pushy sales.

We’ll help you with a reliable, long-lasting and above all, watertight roof, the perfect base for your green roof. All our work is covered by an insurance-backed guarantee in addition to your membrane warranty for your peace of mind.

We also offer a range of finance packages to help you spread the cost of your EPDM roof. Find out more about our EPDM roofing services at Permaroof Portsmouth here.